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Mind Control and Yuri: Yummy
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The idea is still kicking around for my "final project" though i've started grad school and have only barely started the story, while another element still has to come in to play for me to be truly complete, so there's a bit of a delay here, but it's on its way, though it might be slow in coming still <_>

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Shono Jan 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Catty Clan Girls by Shono  

Just like what WarAngel said: Thanks for the faves!

If you enjoy my comic art, please check out more on the official website: shadowsofoblivion.shawnmccaule…

Thanks for the support!

for your final story, how about something based off of this…
Now there's a villain I was unfamiliar with.

The story is underway, though progress is slow


The New York Times is reporting that U.S. Congress is close to approving Fast-Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership . If this happens, it may seal the fate of the Internet by ensuring the TPP will contain the worst provisions -- including Internet censorship -- that are being pushed for by industry lobbyists and some of the same people who authored SOPA and ACTA.

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1) New York Times, “House and Senate are Near Deal to Speed Trade Pact.”

2) Techdirt, “US TPP negotiators accused of bullying ; refusing to budge on ridiculous IP and corporate sovereignty demands.”

3) International Business Times, “New Leaked TPP Documents: WikiLeaks Reveals US Exerting ‘Great Pressure’ For Consensus On Intellectual Property, Other Issues During Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks.”
4) Public Citizen, "More Power to Corporations to Attack Nations"
5) Doctors Without Borders, "Access to Medicine in Grave Danger as Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Continue"

You wont be writing ever again or is it temporary?
Permanent, basically. Wrap up what is ongoing and then move on with my creative life. Won't shut the account down, though, so i can keep nosing around the community and my work won't disappear.
It's fun seeing you in a in an upload fluster. 3 manips and a story in the same span of time. And with the GITS story on the horizon, it'll make for one good month from you.

Quick questions: Are you planning to upload the next batch of manips from the hub and secondly, have you figured out what you're next story will be?
Oops, and for the other one, i want to wait a bit, since i need help on the eye effects and don't want to seem too demanding, so there'll be a little gap. Three more to come, a set of two, and a finale.
I saw you chatting with Rosvo earlier. Oh my, oh my, oh my. >: )
It's a surprise, but i do have something in mind. I'm shopping around for what's necessary to realize it.
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