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Hinata’s Sage Mode

May 29th: Today I asked sensei if she could help me learn senjutsu.

“This is a strange request, you know.”

“I know, sensei, but I have to.”

“For Naruto, right?”

Hinata Hyuuga’s face immediately reddened and she broke eye contact with her mentor. “Yes,” she said, though her tone had saddened. “I tried my hardest against Pain, but even the Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists couldn’t touch him. I couldn’t save him then…” she paused again, regaining her composure somewhat. “I need the senjutsu.”

Kurenai Yuhi’s brow furrowed. She too felt some guilt that she had not been there for her students or the village, evacuated instead with the civilians for the sake of her and Asuma’s unborn child. By all accounts, Hinata had put up a brave struggle against the last remaining Pain body, and she was proud of her student for her courage and growth, though at this point more credit was due to Neji, who had imparted much of his prodigious skill to his cousin, skills that had let her stand, even for a moment, against the Akatsuki chief.

But Hinata was right; despite her growth, it had not been nearly enough. It was not Hinata’s fault, though, only Naruto Uzumaki and his use of toad-sage powers had fought off the enemy. “She wants to stand with him,” Kurenai knew. If she wanted that, she would need a top-class power like senjutsu.

“Hinata, it’s not…”

“I know it won’t be easy,” Hinata cut her off, uncharacteristically boldly. “But I have to do it. Can you help me, sensei?”

Kurenai paused for a moment. “I can get you started,” she said. “But that’s all. You’ll have to walk that path on your own.”

Hinata looked curious. “What do you mean?”

June 2nd: Today sensei introduced me to Haruki-chan. Haruki-chan is a cat who is summoned by an ANBU Jonin, codenamed Aomori. Aomori-san helped me to sign a contract with Haruki-chan and the cats. That was the first step, but Haruki-chan thought that I could proceed quickly.

“You have the potential to be a great student for the Tiger Sage,” Haruki said. He was a long-haired Himalayan cat, full of that peculiar feline combination of cuteness and dignity. Like many summon beasts, he was sapient and spoke in a perfectly human voice.

Kurenai frowned. “I would have thought that she did not have enough chakra reserves for that,” she said. She had warned Hinata that a requirement for large chakra reserves might prevent her from ever being able to learn senjutsu. Kurenai did not know much about that technique, but some of the known practitioners, like Naruto or the departed Sage Jiraiya, were known to possess huge amounts of chakra.

“For other animals, maybe,” Haruki replied. “You only need moderate levels of chakra for the Tiger Sage art, but you do need a strict degree of chakra control.” He looked up at Hinata approvingly. “I can sense it in the way you move and how you hold yourself. You definitely have the right potential, but that does not mean the road shall be an easy one.”

Hinata smiled, eager to take on the opportunity that the cat was offering her. She quickly contained that smile in an effort to show her studious nature. “I won’t let you down,” she said. Kurenai smiled back at her, proud for her student.

June 6th: Today I left Konoha and arrived at Kenhara Meadow. This is where the cat summons come from, and this is where the Tiger Sage lives. Haruki-chan led me here, and I am soon to begin my training. I can’t wait to finish it so that I can come back and help Naruto-kun.

“Umm, I’m having a hard time seeing where you’re going,” Hinata said. The golden grass here was waist-high on the teenager, and completely concealed the normal-sized cat who was ostensibly her guide.

“Our destination is not concealed,” Haruki said. The cat continued straight ahead as the land began to slope downward. Kenhara Meadow was like a giant bowl, gently sloping and covered in golden grasses. A few shady trees dotted the savannah-like landscape and cats of differing sizes could be found sunning themselves, playing, or sleeping in some of the open areas. Down at the bottom of the bowl a great stone cat statue dominated, its upraised paw towering over the scene. At the base of the statue was a gateway, leading underground.

“Is it there?” Hinata asked, in awe of the giant statue.

“Yes,” Haruki replied. “Under there is the Tiger Sage Grotto, where our sage dwells.”

They crept on through the grasses before arriving at the gateway. “I must leave you here,” Haruki said, stopping to sit at the threshold of the gate. Hinata looked through the archway, seeing only a broad stone staircase leading down into the dark depths. “The Tiger Sage, Byako, is very secretive. We on the outside only communicate through her white tigers, who come and go as they please. Though I must warn you,” Haruki added in a quieter voice, causing Hinata to lean over to better hear the cat’s warning. “Byako is not evil, but she is dangerous. Though you have the aptitude to learn her Sage Art, she could be a threat to you in ways which are not immediately apparent.”

“I will be wary,” Hinata said, bowing briefly before the cat. “Thank you for your guidance, Haruki-chan.”

The staircase leading underground was enough to inspire trepidation in Hinata’s heart: it was long and dark and her shadow was cast long before her from the light which filtered in from the meadow above. The stairs were built for something far longer than human feet.

What lay in wait at the bottom was very different than the impression the stairs left. After a short, dark tunnel she emerged in a large grotto. A light filtered in through a crack in the cave ceiling, striking a lake in the middle of the cave and leaving the whole space let up with reflected sunlight. The adequate sunlight allowed plants to grow all around the cave, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. But that was not was really amazing.

The grotto was full of white tigers. Like the cats in the meadow above, some of them merely slept and sunned themselves in the reflected light. Many others, however, seemed to be fighting each other: fast-moving engagements between pairs or trios of the tigers as they slashed and bit at each other. At first, Hinata wondered if this was the danger that Haruki had warned of, but as she walked further into the grotto, she realized that the big cats were just sparring, claws retracted as their paws made contact, their teeth not actually biting into their fellows.

“They are merely practicing.”

“Kyah!” Hinata screamed, leaping up and whirling around to meet the regal feminine voice that had sounded behind her. She turned to see another white tiger, larger than any of the others, it was about twice as tall as the teenager even in its sitting position.

“Hinata Hyuga,” the white tiger said. It was not a question. “You have come here seeking to learn the art of the Tiger Sage.”

“Yes I have,” Hinata said breathlessly, overawed by the giant tigress. “I need to have the power to protect the one I care about.”

“The one you care about…” Byako sighed. “Human priorities have always been strange.” The tigress must have caught Hinata’s crestfallen look, for she quickly added, “It matters not. You have the potential to learn, so I shall teach, whatever your motives may be. I simply seek students who are right for me.”

“I am ready to learn,” Hinata said, bowing deeply before the tigress. “What must I do?”

June 13th: For the past week I have been learning the basics before Byako will teach me anything. Byako told me to go study the cats, especially the other white tigers. In fact, all of the white tigers are tigresses, and they are all very strong fighters, but they are all very friendly, too. Byako is not very friendly. She is kind of strange, and I don’t think she understands me very well. I have yet to see anything dangerous about her, though. Anyway, she told me to study how the cats move, and how the tigresses fight. The tigresses have been very interested in watching me use the Gentle Fist style, and they’ve showed me how similar it is to some of their techniques. I have been trying to mix up the Gentle Fist with some of their movements, and I think that is what Byako wanted me to do. She called me back to her today, to meet her at her shrine deep in the grotto.

“Excellent, Hinata,” Byako praised her. “The improvements in your motions are readily noticeable. You have learned something from my clan, even in a week. And so you have taken the first steps to learning Tiger Senjutsu.”

Hinata smiled as she breathed heavily. She had just given Byako an demonstration of the changes in her skills as she had studied with the tigresses and the other cats, an extensive routine which was basically a modified form of the Gentle Fist style. Sweat matted her training gi.

“I will give you a taste of the power,” Byako said, standing from her sitting position onto all four paws. “A sample of what it feels like to have mastered Tiger Senjutsu. That way you will know what to aim for.” She began pacing around Hinata. “Begin your routine again. Focus your movements as if you were already a tigress like us.”

“Byakugan!” Hinata activated her kekkei genkai as she began moving again, trying to use the dojutsu to help her envision the perfect movements. She leapt and struck, trying to mimic the tigresses, who had ceased their sparring matches to watch the Sage at work. Byako began to move more quickly around in circles.

It was only through the lens of her Byakugan that Hinata saw it, a fire of chakra leaping up in the ring that Byako continued to march out through her circling. Hinata was startled, but the kunoichi remained focused and did not falter in her movements.

“Good,” Byako encouraged. “Keep steady!”

The ring of flaming chakra, invisible to the naked eye, suddenly flared up and filled the entire area it encircled, surrounding her, filling her, changing her.

It was ecstasy.

Her every movement suddenly seemed so much smoother, so much more certain, as if she were one with the natural world. Her pantomimed strikes, punches and kicks came more quickly, but also with greater accuracy than anything she had ever achieved. This was what Senjutsu was like! It was so free, so easy, so right. If she could move like this, if she could sustain it, and fight like this, then she could fight alongside Naruto. She could surpass Naruto, she could be his support, his protector. Nothing would be out of her reach with this beautiful power, this graceful drive!

“Amazing!” she breathed in a pause between strikes, the invisible fire of the chakra continuing to wrap her.

“Indeed it is,” Byako replied. She had now ceased her pacing and resumed sitting, watching Hinata’s movements intently, an inscrutable look on her feline features. “And now you will know what you must fear.”

Before Hinata could ask what that meant, the fire of the chakra burned hotter, no longer surrounding her comfortably, but to burn and scorch, to do more than just enhance and empower her, but to overwhelm and change her. Her body continued its graceful movements, almost as if it had gained a mind of its own, and she could do little more than watch in horror. The good feeling, the natural feeling, continued, but now with the foreboding thrill that something was going very wrong.

There was a prickling sensation all over her body as she continued to move, and she saw her uncovered hands with her Byakugan: fur was beginning to grow on them. White fur. But the tingling wasn’t just on her hands, it was all over her body: her legs, her chest, her face. She was transforming in a way that was different from the Transformation Jutsu. She was being remade from the inside.

And it was still ecstasy. Her movements like this, this natural motion, this feeling; it just increased, supplemented by the pleasant tingle of the growing fur. She was getting stronger, faster, she was losing her humanity and becoming something that was in every way better.

But that wasn’t what she wanted. It was also wrong, and she knew it. “What is this!?” she shouted, truly frightened as she continued to move faster and faster in the frenzy of the transformation.

“This is what happens when you go too far, when you immerse yourself too deeply in the Sage chakra!” Byako said, in a more intense voice than Hinata had yet heard. “Keep this up and you will become a tigress like us. Forever.”

“I don’t want that!” Hinata wailed. “Stop it!”

“Quite,” Byako replied simply. She reared onto her hind legs, then stomped her forepaws onto the ground. The shock stopped, the chakra fire went out, and Hinata collapsed to the ground. The feeling was gone, but the short beginnings of her new fur coat were still present. Byako stood and trod over to her, then leaned her head down and began licking her. The feeling of the Sage’s saliva spread all over her body, even under the parts still clothed, and the fur vanished almost as quickly as it had arrived.

“What… what was that?” Hinata said, sitting up after Byako had finished licking.

“A sample,” Byako replied. “Just as I said. An example of what success will feel like and what you should aim for, and a warning of what will happen to you as you go too far. Too much Sage chakra will overwhelm your humanity. Because I pushed you there, I stopped you from crossing the line this time. If you should approach that line on your own, I will not save you. Cross it and you will cease to be human.”

“Then…” Hinata said, standing to her feet shakily. “Then I will not cross that line. I am a kunoichi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I will not falter.”

“We will see,” Byako said. “But in any case, now your training can begin in earnest.”

June 27th: Two weeks into my Senjutsu training. I have not been able to get close to the power that Byako showed me, but I am making progress. To help enhance my movements, Byako has given me some new clothes: a “cat-suit.” It’s made out of some strange cloth that is supposed to transmit chakra. It’s… it’s a little too revealing, but I guess they are just cats. I’ve mostly been training with the tigresses, but Byako does train me occasionally.

“You are improving,” Byako said, watching as Hinata danced gracefully through the area in front of the Tiger Sage’s shrine. Her grey cat-suit clung close to her curves as she moved, allowing swiftly through her stances.

“Unlike some Senjutsu forms, mine is not focused on crudely absorbing Nature Chakra. You do not achieve the Senjutsu state through mere absorption of power; you get there by integrating your body and mind with nature. Once your mind and body is fully synchronized, that is when you will feel the power flowing through you.”

Hinata continued, trying to put all of her mind into her motions. The memory of her brush with the power drove her. She could get that power back; she would get that power back. She just had to visualize it. I am a tigress. I am a tigress!

Her foot landed, and a flare of blue chakra, now visible to the naked eye, ran up her leg and through her body. The power held for only an instant, through the next step in her routine, before her jubilation broke her concentration. She stopped, breathing heavily, but with a look of pure joy on her face.

“That was a sample of what it will take to achieve Tiger Senjutsu under your own power,” Byako said. “But now you must go deeper.”

July 30th: I have not written in a while because I have been trying to be like the tigresses. They do not confide their feelings in a diary or keep them locked up inside. That is not to say that they are super emotional or anything. They are actually very warm and friendly for such deadly creatures. I have been getting along very well with them, and that has accelerated my training. With their help, I now achieve the Senjutsu state several times a day, though I can hold onto it for only a few seconds, never more than a minute. But anyway, the reason I’m writing after so long is to talk about something that I could not really talk about with the tigresses. I’m writing about my dream. At least, I think it was a dream.

“Who’s there?” Hinata called out into the darkness. She rolled over on her makeshift bed in the savannah grasses, looking all around her. She seemed to be in a grassland, but not in Kenhara Meadow. The grass here was flat, and seemed to extend in all directions. It was night, but no stars hung in the sky. She was alone in the darkness. So then what were those sounds?

She stood, but did not think to use her Byakugan to peer out into the tall grasses. Instead she took a cautious fighting stance, turning carefully, tracking even the subtlest noises.

“Ah!” she gasped as she heard a distinct rustling, whirling around to witness one of the tigresses slinking out of the grass towards her. Another tigress joined her, then another. Hinata could see them coming from all around her. But they did not cause her to feel fear, these predators, even in the dark of the night out in the grasslands, where a human girl would normally be prey for such creatures. For almost two months now, these creatures had been like family to her.

True to her expectations, the tigresses did not harm her. They came and sat around in a circle, instead, examining her. It seemed like all of the tigresses that she had seen in the grotto, almost two dozen in number.

“Kazane, Rin, everyone…” Hinata said, looking around at them. She had, of course, learned all of their names. “What are you doing?”

All of a sudden, the tigresses morphed. In their places sat something different, tigresses in the shape of human girls: still covered in white tiger fur, with faces that were halfway between human and cat. They were naked, but the fur concealed anything shameful, and they had tails, paws and claws, and human-like hair in many colors. The tigresses, once identical, were now quite distinguishable from each other.

“What… is all this?” Hinata asked.

“You’re like a sister to us, Hinata Hyuga,” a girl Hinata knew as Nozomi said. “We just wanted to give you a formal initiation to our family.”

“Awh,” Hinata cooed, touched by their sincerity. “That’s so… augh!” she yelped suddenly, feeling a rough cat tongue lick against her hip. It was only then that she realized she was naked. She had worn the leotard as her only clothing for so long that it was hard to tell the difference.

“No, please,” she said, suddenly mortified. She whirled to see that another tigress-girl, Rin, was licking her naked body. “Why am I…? What are you…?”

“Shh,” Nozomi soothed. “Just relax, Hinata. We’re washing away the old you, the kunoichi of Konoha. You’ll be a sister to us soon.”

“Ahh!” Hinata squealed as more cat-tongues found their way onto her body. Soon she was surrounded in the tiger-girls’ warm furry bodies, unable to move as different tigers licked every inch of exposed skin. “I… no! This isn’t…” her protests died slowly as the strange ritual continued. It just felt too good, both in a physical sense and in a mental one. She could feel her will weakening under the girls’ persistent licks.

Sister. She could not figure out who was speaking, or if anyone was. Tigress sister. One of the Sage’s Tigresses of Kenhara Meadow. Relax. Enjoy. Let go.

She could not tell how long the ritual went on. After what seemed like an eternity pressed between soft, warm, furry bodies and having her body thoroughly licked all over, Hinata found herself pressed to the ground beneath the clutch of tiger-girls, and they suddenly dispersed. Quickly they retreated to the edge of the patch of open ground, and reverted to their tigress forms.

“Everybody?” Hinata was confused. “What are you…?” Her question was cut off as she saw a much larger figure emerge from the grasses. “Byako-sama…” Hinata breathed. Truly the Tiger Sage herself had arrived. She stalked fully into the area, and then sat down.

“She has been cleansed?” Byako asked.

“Yes, Byako-sama,” Nozomi answered from her seat at the edge of the clearing.

“All who master the Tiger Senjutsu must become one with nature, fully synchronized with the spirit of the tigress,” Byako said. “The white tigers of my clan, however, live in a family. To master the art, you must join our family. My daughters have cleaned you of your past, showing their acceptance for your future. Now come to me, child.”

And suddenly Byako morphed. She too became a tiger-woman like the others, part of one race and of the other. She was larger than the others, though, far larger. Even seated, she was twice as tall as Hinata. Her hair, unlike the others, was long and snowy-white, longer than any human that Hinata had known. Her breasts were large as well, fitting for one who was a mother to so many.

“Come,” she repeated, opening her arms up invitingly.

Hinata knew, instinctively, Byako’s desire. Slowly she trod on the soft, compressed grass to the giant tiger-woman who gazed at her sternly, but warmly, like a mother. When she drew close enough, Byako’s large arms wrapped effortlessly around Hinata’s frame, and she drew her up to her breast, embracing Hinata against her soft bosom.

“Drink,” Byako commanded. “Drinking of me shows that I have taken you in as one of my own, and that you have accepted your place in my family.”

Hinata was dazed, overwhelmed by the warmth, the loving compassion, shown to her by the tigresses. She did not refuse, instead nuzzling her face into the tiger-woman’s breast until she found the nipple and began to drink.

Everything faded after that. All but the final words left to her by her surrogate mother.

“Welcome, child, to the Tiger Sage Clan.”

August 19th: I can tell I am nearing the end of my training. I can maintain the flow of Senjutsu chakra for up to four minutes now on a regular basis. The only thing stopping me at this point is that I cannot maintain the Sage Mode when I stop moving. Since my Gentle Fist style is mostly a defensive art, the most important step for me to master Sage Mode is to be able to maintain it when I am standing still, for longer periods of time. Everyone here has been great to me. All the tigresses have been much more affectionate and supportive with me lately, and even Byako-sama has started to become less distant. I do not know why, but I appreciate it. They feel more like family than my clan back home.

August 26th: Byako-sama has called me for a special training session today. I am going to do it today. I just know it. Today will change everything.

“You are very close,” Byako said, a hint of motherly pride in her usually-stoic voice. She and Hinata seemed to be alone in the grotto, at the far end near the Tiger Sage’s Shrine. Hinata wore her cat suit as usual, standing at attention before Byako, who sat. “There is but one missing ingredient,” Byako continued. “And I believe you can find it today. Begin.”

Hinata launched herself into her routine, swiftly and without hesitation. Her movements had improved drastically since she had first attempted to synthesize her Gentle Fist style with the graceful motions of the tigresses. She moved such that someone with poor eyesight could have mistaken her for a grey-toned tigress, simply by the swift, catlike way she flowed through her stances.

Senjutsu activated about fifteen seconds into the routine, with catlike slit-pupils appearing in the midst of Hinata’s Byakugan eyes. She allowed the jubilant rush that came with Tiger Senjutsu to overtake her, and threw herself deeper into the routine. While in Sage Mode, the routine made her feel powerful, but mindless and instinctive. It was an addicting combination, and one which she had great control over.

“Excellent!” Byako called, unmasked pride in her voice. “Feel it, do not think about it. You are a tigress, an animal. Animals do not think, they simply are.”

Hinata did not hear the words consciously, but took them deep down inside, embracing them as she continued the routine. Soon the critical moment arrived, one last leaping strike before she withdrew to a defensive stance. She felt the power waver, flickering, but it did not extinguish. Not yet. But what was different this time?

“Hinata!” Byako called. Hinata gazed at the tigress as she struggled to maintain the energy flow. In an instant, the tigress flickered and morphed: the great tiger woman of her dream sat before her. “Do not give up,” Byako said, smiling warmly at her for the first time, a truly loving tone that Hinata had never heard. “You can do it.”

The warmth, the encouragement, the motherly love rang true, and Hinata’s Senjutsu power stabilized. The feeling of recognition from the Tiger Sage alone was enough to sustain the power, without having to move or think like a tigress. She had been accepted as one.

But the jubilation of finalizing her grasp of Senjutsu was tempered by this strange turn of events. “You…” Hinata breathed, looking at Byako. “You’re from my dream…”

“A dream?” Byako seemed to ponder the words. “If dream you call it. It was not reality, but it did not come from your mind. Nor could I call it a Genjutsu, for those are more invasive.”

“Whatever it was, it felt… good…” Hinata said, remembering the vision and the feelings of pleasure that came of it.

“For those who are right, it does feel good,” Byako said. “And you are one of them. You were meant to be one of us, Hinata.”

“I… that’s very flattering,” Hinata said. “You will always be like family to me.”

“We will indeed, child,” Byako said. “The time has come to embrace your destiny. You have the power. Do it now.”

“You mean…?” Hinata could not believe what the Tiger Sage was implying.

“Yes. Push past the limit. Throw away your humanity. Join us in body as well as in spirit.”

Hinata seemed to hesitate for a moment, still crouched in her defensive stance, still alive with the power of Tiger Senjutsu.

“I won’t.”

“You…” For once, something seemed to shake Byako’s calm exterior.

“I am…” Hinata struggled with it. It really did feel good, after all. This power, that vision, the affection she got from Byako and the others, but it was not for her. These tigresses were like family to her, but she had others that she treasured, back home. She would not forget her purpose, nor abandon it. “I am a Kunoichi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves,” she said resolutely. “I am sorry, but I won’t become a tigress.”

“Then you do not deserve the power!” Byako shrieked suddenly, her calm demeanor torn to shreds in an instant. She morphed, and again she took the form of the giant tigress, all claws, fangs, and sinew. “Tiger Senjutsu is only for those who are to join my clan! If you will not join, then you will be destroyed!” She roared then, a true tigress’ roar, and pounced on her pupil.

Hinata fought back. The Senjutsu power combined with her Gentle Fist style and the piercing sight of her Byakugan was a fitting and deadly combination, and she matched the Tiger Sage blow for blow, at least initially. Byako’s fury began to wear on her, and she had to step up the pace of the attack. She drew further on the Senjutsu power unthinkingly, knowing only that she had to strike, that she had to defeat her foe before she was born down. She lost herself in the danger and the ecstasy of the fight.

Then it happened.

She was drawing on an extra burst of power for one well-placed Gentle Fist strike to ward off a heavy forepaw slash from Byako when her whole body shuddered. She blocked the blow successfully, and no more blows came.

The fight was over.

“No!” Hinata screamed. A prickling sensation was overtaking her body as she fell to the ground. “I… I didn’t want to!”

“But you did,” Byako said. Hinata turned to look at her, and she had resumed her bipedal form. “You wanted to fight for your life, to survive against a predator who wanted take it. You fought without thinking, even against me. You are a tigress at heart, and now your body will reflect that.”

“But what about Konoha!?” Hinata protested.

“They no longer matter.” Byako said, now a little cold. “They are humans, and humans are of little concern to us, save for the Elect, like you, who can join.”

Hinata clutched herself, feeling the power, the pleasure, the feeling of change coming through her. The chakra-transmitting cat suit turned from grey to white, and the prickling of growing fur felt strongest on every inch of skin covered by the cat suit. Most of the fur was snowy white, though she could see the ends of black stripes on her torso.

“Please, Byako-sama, stop it!”

“I said I would not. I pushed you over the edge last time, and so I brought you back. You brought this upon yourself now. This is your choice.”

“I didn’t choose this!” Hinata panicked now, as the fur spread out from her arms and legs over her hands and feet. Her fingers began to shorten and her toes began to retract, her feet becoming shorter as they and her hands rounded into paws. A black-and-white striped tail began to grow from her backside.

“Of course you did, child,” Byako said. “It is too deep inside you to get rid of now. You underwent the ritual, you drank of my milk. You are mine.”

Something in the firmness of the last statement caused Hinata to look away from the pleasurable horror of her changing body. She looked up to meet the stern but loving gaze of Byako’s frost-blue tigress eyes, and she felt her will soften.

“I… yours?” she said, losing resolve. “But what about…?” she struggled to articulate a specific objection.

“Don’t be afraid, Hinata,” it was a different voice this time. It was Nozomi. She and the other tigress-girls had assembled in a group, looking at Hinata as she changed. “We all felt the same way at one point. But we accepted it. And it feels soooo good,” the tigress-girl embraced herself on that last statement. “Just let it happen.”

“I…” Hinata stammered as tiger ears grew out of her hair. “I… yes…” she said softly. Her posture slackened, and she supported herself with her newfound paws. Her gaze frosted over as she lost herself in the pleasure of the power, of the transformation, of inviting the change. Everything below her neck was now covered in white fur, except the pads on her new-grown fore and hind paws. “Yessssss….” She let her breath out in a hiss as she fell at last, throwing herself into the change.

The fur crept up her face as her features contorted, until she too had a hybridized face like the other tigress-girls. The changes went deeper, too, under her body, through her brain. Soon everything was gone.

Spent by the pleasure, Hinata collapsed onto the cave floor.

“Hinata…” Byako said lovingly. She picked up the new tigress-girl’s body with both paws. “You fought more than any other for what was dear to you. You truly possess the tigress spirit.” Byako lifted Hinata up towards her face, then licked Hinata’s chest as if she were a newborn kitten.

The gentle licking woke Hinata back up. “Byako-sama…” she breathed.

“Welcome, child,” Byako said. She hugged Hinata to her bosom. “Now you are truly my own.”

Hinata hugged her back, feeling a joy beyond joy.

She was home.

So this is it. This is my final story, with which i intend to go out with a bang.

I have observed that the most popular stories i've written (outside of the insatiable crowd of fellow Kaa fans) were ones that A) Had a preview image and B) utilized popular characters. So here, i strove for a story to get as much exposure as possible, which brings together Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto with a preview image (commissioned by me and so free to use for my own purposes). 

Which is not to say i slacked off on the actual writing of the work. In this case, my idea was to go for something deeper than mere "girl hypnotizes girl, stuff happens," but to dig right down at the root of why i find the mind control genre so compelling: mind control, like other fetishes i enjoy, really involves the concept of breaking taboos, and throwing yourself away in order to embrace true pleasure. In Hinata's case here, she's throwing away her status as a human being and as a shinobi of Konoha. 

I tried to be careful about Hinata's canonical Naruto obsession here. Originally the plan was for her mentions of him in the "diary" entries to first be more frequent, and then to slow, but i found it was too forced against the flow of events. Plus it stereotypes here as merely boy-crazed (and that role, as of recent manga events, seems to be taken by Sakura :-/).

So, yeah. Have your catgirl Hinata.

If you want to see the image in its unadulterated glory, and find the artist (whose name is Zko, who did some of the Queens Blade manips in my gallery), then you're going to have to go to Hypnohub. I would encourage all mind control fans to make use of that wondrous site. I know that's where i'll be hanging out now that i'm phasing out this account (which will be left open purely to preserve my work). I'm pretty sure DA disallows the direct linking to sites with adult content, but Hypnohub isn't that hard to find.

A thanks to all who offered appreciation, favorites, comments, and ever-important critiques over my four years of writing fetish fics for the site. Much as i hate to admit it, i tend to be an attention whore, and that really helped keep me motivated.
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altaf9312 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016
OMG IS SOO CUTE!!!! Sage Cat Hinata.
robbie-patterson Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016
BioYuGi Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I feel bad saying this but this story didn't really do anything for me. I'm not sure what it was, it might have needed more mention of Naruto honestly, or it may have been the heavier than normal use of original characters. But, I definitely think part of it was that she didn't 'throw away' her status, she was just tricked into it again. It became a no-win situation for her. Either Byako would force it upon her, or she'd accidentally do it by trying to fight it. To me it would have been more 'taboo' to take the catgirl teachings/body and bring them back to Konoha, where she would have stood out and been looked upon weirdly. She can't go back to her life, but now she's still in a society that accepts her perfectly, which doesn't really seem to be taboo to me, it's just trading one life for another. I did very much like the idea of a physical transformation coming with the mental changes, but having it be from the suit instead of her chakra actually doing it to her was odd. As I write out my thoughts, I think I would have liked it better if she grew to accept it without mental prodding, noticing gradual changes to her body and liking them, and then willingly leaving her life, and Naruto behind.
Ogodei-Khan Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
The suit wasn't really meant to be the agent of the change, it was just that the suit could "merge" into the new body. Kind of like Beast Boy in Teen Titans, that of all he can wear, only his suit will appear and disappear with the animal transformations.

Your latter point is intriguing, just off-genre for me. It would be a very different story, about her becoming a different person physically and gaining new confidence through that, even as others wonder why she went through with it.
cobeoe Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Do you have a link for the picture of tigress hinata
supersmasher2020 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
As he said in the description, he doesn't think DeviantArt allows links to mature sites. However, he also lists both the artist (Zko) and the site (HypnoHub) where you can find the image in the description.
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