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How the Major Got Her Side Job

“Come on, Motokoooo, you promised!” Kurutan pouted, pummeling her fists into her pillow.

“You did promise us last time,” Ran said as she ran her hands over her roommate’s breasts.

Motoko Kusanagi grimaced, looking to her left, and then looking to her right, at her roommate-lovers who lay upon either side. Both were blondes, Kurutan with short hair who lay on the left, and Ran with long hair who lay on the right. “It’s not really my proudest moment…” she admitted finally.

“And I thought she was going to try to say it was classified information,” Kurutan said, mildly surprised.

“It was, but it was declassified about 5 years ago after the military’s v8.09.0046 cyberbrain security upgrade,” Motoko rattled off.

“Naturally,” Ran said, rolling her eyes.

“I mean, you’ve never talked to us about your past before, Motoko,” Kurutan said, a little more seriously. “If you don’t want to go into the details, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s fine,” Motoko countered. “I think the story of why a woman like me would get into the Dive Show business deserves a bit of explanation, at least to the girls she’s Dive-fucking on a regular basis.”

Kurutan and Ran both grinned.

“The story begins back before I joined Section 9, back when I was with Army Intelligence 501.”


“You look tired, up late last night?” Lt. Col. Kurtz smiled at the Major.

Major Motoko Kusanagi smiled back. Occam’s razor suggested that the observation was a joke, since full cyborgs showed no visible signs of fatigue. Motoko studied the other woman, the overall commander of the Army 501 Intelligence Unit. She was of mixed ancestry, more European than not, but with a strong tan and brown hair in a short, almost mannish style. She was pretty for all of that, often wearing a very low-cut short under her military jacket which she often wore open (her fashion sense had influenced Motoko’s).

She was also scarily good at her job, and Motoko wondered if Kurtz was attempting to communicate something more than small talk or a mere joke. The spoken word was rarely what it seemed in her line of work. At issue was an old argument that had stood between the Major and the older woman, that the subordinate should have some sort of life outside of Army Intelligence. The two women had long since realized that neither could gain ground, but Kurtz was a very clever woman, and could perhaps achieve her goals through some means other than direct persuasion.

“Have the Niihama police uncovered anything?” Motoko asked. One of the many cases that the 501st was working on currently involved a mysterious assassination of a foreign defense contractor in broad daylight, a job whose jurisdiction they were sharing with the local police department.

“No,” Kurtz said with a mild grimace. “We’re going to have to put that one on the back burner for a while. There’s been a lot of buzz around fugitives of the KPLA recently, and that’s what our focus is going to switch to.” She pulled a cable from behind her head. “Ready for the weekly briefing?”

“Yes sir!” the Major said. The weekly briefing took the form of a direct, brain-to-brain cable link, both for speed of the briefing and to make sure that the data was sent between two trusted, uncompromised sources and handled by no intermediaries. It was not actually the standard conduct for army intelligence units, but was something that Lt. Col. Kurtz had concocted.

Lt. Col. Kurtz saluted her subordinate. “Dismissed.”


The truth was that, though she was incapable of experiencing fatigue, the Major’s job didn’t stop even when she was off the clock. While some of her job was “glamorous” in the fashion of fast-paced black ops missions deep into enemy territory, the bulk of her working hours was spent on tedious data sifting and analysis of massive streams of intelligence filtered from sources all over the world, trying to crack whatever the crisis of the week was. She devoted fewer cycles to her data-mining while she was driving home, just taking preliminary strides to organize the data to prepare it for in-depth diving later. Every night, she would return to her lonely, Spartan apartment and lay down on her bed, ready to take an inward journey and solve the mystery of the week. She would close her eyes, and threw herself completely into inner space.

Motoko looked out upon the masses of files arrayed in her internal GUI. To start off, she laid down a watchdog protocol as she often did, a safety net in case there were any malignant programs that had been embedded in the intelligence files, since the files were kept clean so as to avoid any cryptographic damage. Having done that, she readied to start with her off-duty work.

“Lt. Colonel Kurtz!” she saluted her C.O., who appeared at the other end of her messenger interface.

“Gonna burn the midnight oil tonight, eh Major Kusanagi?” Kurtz said with a wink.

“I didn’t have any particular plans,” Motoko replied.

“Then how about you spend the night with me?” Kurtz proposed.

Motoko was taken aback by her C.O.’s blunt proposal. “That would be against regulation, ma’am.”

“I know you’re smarter than that,” Kurtz said. “For full-body prosthesis cyborgs like you and me, sex hardly counts as fraternization. As long as an activity doesn’t jeopardize our professional relationship, then it isn’t against regulation.”

Motoko arched an eyebrow, but Kurtz had a point.

“I know, I know,” Kurtz said. “Seems like I’m coming out of left field with this. I just thought it might help you take your mind off things…”

Motoko couldn’t see any reason to refuse, because sexuality was indeed a meaningless diversion for someone who hadn’t ever really had a human body. Her C.O. must really be determined to see her break out of her shell. It wouldn’t really stop her from getting ahead on her work, either, since she could just set the cycles devoted to data-mining to a lower priority. Besides, Motoko had always admired Kurtz’s body, the other woman’s sex appeal being a template for how Motoko had upgraded her own “growing” body. It might be fun, but if not, it would at least satisfy a curiosity of hers.

“Alright, I’m in.” She reached into the messenger interface, and was sucked into another world.

She emerged, fully naked, on a yacht sailing on a wide river that snaked through the heart of a vast, steamy jungle. The Lieutenant Colonel was there, also naked. A third woman was there, too, African or South Asian or Arabian or some combination of the three, dark skin, sleek hair, her figure cut an exotic contrast to the Lt. Col’s tan.

“Colonel Kurtz. Subtle,” Motoko observed, looking around at the jungle. The yacht was sailing upriver.

“No idea what you’re talking about,” Kurtz said shortly. It was true that her C.O. was not much of a reader.

“Who’s she?” Motoko asked. It was easy to link to people from all over the world for experiences even as “intimate” as this.

“She’s not real,” Kurtz assured her. “Call her Asha.” The woman bowed, and then winked bewitchingly. “Just a part of this program I cooked up. Ready to go?”

Motoko hesitated for a moment as she threw a few more CPU cycles back to the memory scan, making sure that she could at least get more solid prep-work done tonight. “Ready.”

The three women removed themselves to a wide, cushioned area near the stern of the yacht, Motoko moving a little slowly behind the other women, still having some reservations about what was going on. Kurtz and Asha sat on the cushions and looked back at Motoko invitingly. Asha especially looked bewitching, her onyx eyes twinkling. Kurtz placed her hands on her lap, inviting Motoko to sit. The Major obliged her C.O., sitting on her lap and turning her head so that she could kiss the other woman. Not wanting to be left out, Asha stood, and then knelt before Motoko, spreading her legs wide and leaning in to lick her pussy. “Mmph!” Motoko shivered in pleasure at the sudden assault.

Asha worked dutifully at Motoko’s wet slit, first with her tongue, then with her fingers. As if on instinct, Motoko stood and turned around, arching her ass in the air towards Asha as she continued to kiss Kurtz. Asha redoubled her efforts until Motoko had a mild orgasm, “Augh!”

“Is the big, bad Major sensitive?” Kurtz chided, breaking off kissing her.

“Apparently,” Motoko breathed. She found herself panting from the pleasure. How was that possible? How had she climaxed so quickly, mild as it was? She would have to ask Kurtz where she got the template for this “Asha” character, if her hands and tongue were this skilled. Motoko rolled over and fell back on the cushions, legs spread as she basked in the afterglow.

Asha was persistent, the mute, dark-skinned woman crawling over the cushions and tracing her fingers idly over Motoko’s swollen cleft. “She is really good, isn’t she?” Kurtz said, sliding up behind Asha and groping her dark mounds. A mild moan slipped from between the woman’s full lips, the first sound she had made. “She’s a great lay, but that isn’t all that makes her special.” Kurtz pinched a nipple, and Asha cooed; the sound washed over Motoko beautifully.

“She’s just amazing, all by herself,” Kurtz continued, noticing the change in Motoko’s expression. “That skin, those curves, those perfect onyx eyes, that silky hair.” As she spoke, she ran her hands all over Asha’s dark skin, swirling on the breasts and then running down to her shapely ass, causing the mysterious woman to shiver pleasurably. “She’s just the most beautiful, exotic woman I’ve ever seen. I wish I could find the author of this Dive Program,” she continued. “Someone out there is a damn genius.”

“You don’t know where her program came from?” Motoko asked. “Isn’t that dange-augh!” She squealed as Asha suddenly leaned forward and nibbled at Motoko’s nipple.

Kurtz and Asha pushed Motoko down onto her back and returned to work. The AI happily groped Motoko’s breasts while her CO took the offensive, raising Motoko’s thighs back up so that she could lap at her subordinate’s womanhood. Motoko had quite recovered from her prior orgasm and now moaned freely as Kurtz worked her tongue. However, she wanted to focus on the thought that had occurred to her before. As she writhed in pleasure, she set some CPU cycles to ponder it. Was it dangerous that Kurtz didn’t know where Asha came from? If there was anyone that Motoko could trust to not be outwitted by a virus, it was the Commander of the 501st Intelligence Division. Perhaps Asha was merely a mystery, but whoever she was, she was insanely good at pleasuring a woman, and she was indeed bewitching just to look at.

Her ponderings were interrupted by her next climax, which came too quickly. It shouldn’t have been possible that the sensations she experienced from the Dive would interfere with the CPU cycles she had set aside for thinking, but then again it had been some time since she had experienced sex like this. Clearly Kurtz had learned something about pleasing a woman from this Asha.

“Wow, you really are sensitive,” Kurtz, smiling as she licked Motoko’s lubricants from her face. Suddenly Asha withdrew, turning around and wordlessly grabbing a sleek two-ended dildo that she then presented lovingly to the other women. The knowing smile on her face, the precise way she held the object, Motoko was amazed at the AI’s nonverbal communication skills. Motoko smiled back, and Asha clearly understood, pushing one end of the dildo into her womanhood with a breathy “ah!” The sound was music to her partners’ ears.

A strange desire suddenly came upon Motoko, who got up onto her knees as Asha walked over, presenting the other end of the dildo before Motoko’s face. Now the mystery woman’s arousal was plain to smell, and it lit a fire in Motoko’s mind, burying her suspicions further. She fellated the exposed end of the dildo, making it wet with her saliva as Asha moaned softly. The exotic woman laid hands on Motoko’s head, holding her in place as she sucked away.

Asha soon pulled away, and Motoko laid down, knowing now more logically what would come next. The Major spread her legs wide and lifted them up in the air, and then Asha fell upon her.

For such a beautiful and apparently delicate woman, the AI also had an accurate simulation of male lovemaking habits in its code, thrusting quickly, but skilfully, hitting all the right spots deep inside Motoko’s pussy, driving her to new heights of ecstasy in record time. Motoko now moaned shamelessly, but Asha soon silenced her with a hungry kiss. Still thrusting, Asha raised Motoko back into a sitting position. She too was in ecstasy, clearly, the mostly-mute woman now moaning loudly in the throes of passion, heightening the sexual tension that was already at the breaking point.

But when it seemed the scenario could not get any more erotic, it did. “Time to double up,” Kurtz said. Still bouncing around on Asha’s faux-phallus, Motoko still managed to twist around and see her CO, who was standing behind her with another double-dildo, slick with lube, lodged in her pussy. Motoko had only an instant to realize what Kurtz intended before rammed the dildo into Motoko’s ass.

“Augh!” Motoko yelped, first in pain, then in pleasure as the two women now worked in tandem. They seemed perfectly coordinated, as if Kurtz shared a part of the AI’s mind, knowing how to piston in perfect rhythm. Sandwiched together, the three women made a striking scene, with the pale-skinned Major in between the tanned Lieutenant Colonel and the dusky AI, bodies pressed together as they bucked and heaved and cried in mutual pleasure.

They climaxed simultaneously, their three cries mixing in a crescendo of pleasure that still signaled the mere beginning of that long night.


The week that followed passed Motoko Kusanagi by in a blur. She continued to spend her days in mining streams of intel, following the issue of the KPLA fugitives in particular. There were no crises that week, though Motoko rather wished there had been. She was a woman obsessed. No matter how hard she worked to keep the appropriate amount of CPU cycles dedicated to her work, memories of her night with Kurtz and Asha continued to consume threads. It should have been impossible: while biological brains often found their synapses dictated by the most active figments of their subconscious, full-scale cyberbrains like hers (which only nestled a handful of brain cells) could strictly control which thoughts were actively being thought, and which others were simply kept in memory.

Naturally, the first thing Motoko had done was run a full virus scan of all of her memories from the Sex Dive, but there were no irregularities in the sensory data, nothing malignant residing in Memory. Running the scan and reliving the moments did increase the instances of these unwanted thoughts, however, memories of dark skin, of silky black hair, enchanting onyx eyes. Throughout her work day, Asha was on her mind. Motoko’s expertise was in computer science, not psychology, but with her brain structured as it was, the two should have been one in the same. If it was just a psychological quirk, and she could see no other explanation, she should just ignore it, and hope that it would pass in time.

For her part, the Lieutenant Colonel acted as if nothing had happened on the first day of that week, and on each subsequent day. However, Motoko was not able to get away from her. Each night, Kurtz proposed another Dive, and each time, Motoko accepted. The reasons were many, and each one felt like a futile rationalization. Maybe it was because she was curious about why Asha was so compelling, about why and how the artificial woman was infecting her mind. Maybe it was because the sex was the most enjoyable thing she had ever experienced, that Kurtz and Asha were both outstanding partners. Maybe it was that Asha indeed already had the Major under her spell, and that Motoko could not refuse another chance to look upon her.

Whatever the reason, Motoko used the eight hours a night that organics usually spent on sleep in deep Sex Dives with her tomboyish CO and the intoxicating AI odalisque. Motoko was slowly becoming consumed by a growing paranoia. The paranoia was unjustified, as periodic virus scans kept coming up clean, but she still feared that something was amiss, and tightened her antivirus protections accordingly, including protections that were completely redundant and unnecessary. She knew something had to be causing her unnatural fixation on these Sex Dives, on Asha, but she could not figure it out, and she really didn’t have time. At work, she was doing work (despite the nagging thoughts to the contrary, which grew after each Dive). Off the clock, she was fucking her CO and an AI of unknown origin.

A week passed, and once again Motoko found herself lying down upon her simple bed, waiting with a mix of anticipation and dread for Kurtz to contact her again. With the mysterious way that the Dives were affecting her, she was afraid of the next one. After tonight, she had two days of leave, as did Kurtz, and she knew, instinctively, that all of it was going to be spent in a marathon lovemaking session. What would such a long session do to her mind? Would they finally satisfy the burning desire for Kurtz and Asha, or would they leave her a woman possessed?

She did not have long to ponder it before her Messenger Interface beeped, showing the familiar, come-hither face of Lt. Col. Kurtz. Motoko saw it only for an instant before she responded, zapping into the now familiar location of the yacht that slowly sailed up that steamy jungle river. Her naked avatar emerged, and she noticed that she was actually the first to arrive. A few seconds later, Asha appeared.

Motoko regarded Asha without words, as Asha had never spoken beyond the myriad groans of lovemaking. The AI woman simply stood there, naked and flawless as she had been conceived, all exotic curves and dark skin, with only the hint of a mysterious, knowing smile playing out on her lips. Her body language transmitted more than words ever could, or perhaps the inscrutable aura of compulsion that she exuded drove her lovers to do her bidding. In any case, Motoko knew exactly what Asha wanted of her. The Major stepped over to Asha, and the two women embraced and kissed.

They kissed gently at first, but then more passionately as their hands ran all over, before Asha pushed Motoko down onto a cushioned area. The hunger of their actions increased apace, their tongues intertwining, before Asha pulled back. She had a look upon her face that was enough to make Motoko quiver with anticipation. The AI cupped Motoko’s breasts in her hands, then nibbled gently on Motoko’s firm nipples, causing Motoko to draw her breath in a sharp hiss. Asha then kissed Motoko’s breasts before proceeding to kiss her way down her partner’s torso, pausing to circle her navel and finally proceeding all the way down.

Motoko moaned sharply when Asha’s lips finally made contact with her tender clit. The AI used  her tongue, then her teeth, nipping at the highly sensitive protrusion and causing the pale-skinned woman to squirm in pleasure.

Asha was continuing to service Motoko with expert cunnilingus when Lt. Col. Kurtz finally arrived.

“Damn, Major, save some for me,” Kurtz commented, eying the situation approvingly. “It’s my program, you know.”

“S-sorry sir!” Motoko gasped as Asha’s tongue continued to work at her womanhood. “She’s just… so good…”

“Can’t argue with that,” Kurtz said, strolling across the deck towards the other women. Her tan skin glistened with sweat in the simulated jungle heat, playing across her curves. It was a potent reminder that she too had a potent sex appeal. “Still,” she said, pushing Asha aside and kneeling next to her before Motoko, “I want a piece of you, too.” She knelt there next to Asha for a moment, the two women looking at Motoko’s glistening pussy.

Kurtz shot Asha a look directly that the AI seemed to understand. Asha moved to sit on the cushions next to Motoko while Kurtz began hungrily lapping her subordinate’s pussy. What followed was a veritable tangle of bodies as the three women made love heedlessly: Motoko and Kurtz embracing and kissing while Asha licked their pussies one at a time, the three women sandwiched together as they tried to mutually kiss, Kurtz giving Motoko renewed cunnilingus while Asha gave her anilingus. They became like one creature, dedicated to its own pleasure, grunting and moaning and licking and sucking.

After an indeterminate amount of time and a share of orgasms for each woman, Asha pulled away, leaving Kurtz and Motoko kissing passionately. The army women were too involved with each other to notice for a few moments, though they eventually turned their heads in curiosity. The exotic woman had produced a very peculiar sex toy: a six-point vibrating dildo, with two sets of prongs on opposite sides and another pair pointing up. The purpose of such a toy became immediately apparent as Asha pushed two of the prongs into her pussy and ass, shivering and letting out an enchanting “Ahh!”

Kurtz and Motoko smiled at each other as Asha took a few uncertain steps forward, shaking a little from the double-penetration she was experiencing. Kurtz disentangled from Motoko and then sat on the edge of the cushions, motioning the AI woman to step forward as she spread her legs. Asha stepped forward haltingly, as the motions shot jolts of pleasure through her body. Kurtz leaned up and embraced her, drawing the AI and the free prongs of the dildo closer to her erogenous zones.

The two women joined beautifully, letting out matching moans as the two dildo prongs entered Kurtz. The two remaining prongs pointed upward in between the tan and dark-skinned woman. “C’mon, Motoko,” Kurtz said, motioning towards the vacant prongs. “Then we can turn this baby on.” Motoko needed no second bidding, standing up on the cushions and positioning herself above the twin prongs. She lowered her hips carefully, feeling the tips of the dildos brush against her as they sought the proper openings. When she found them, she thrust in all at once. “Augh!” she howled as she slid into position. It was only a moment before Asha turned on the toy.

It was bliss. The vibes in the dildos reverberated through Motoko’s body, causing it to shudder and ripple as she breathed and gasped and moaned, her sounds forming a glorious chorus with those of Kurtz and Asha. In the throes of passion Motoko wrapped her arms and legs around her commanding officer’s tanned body, pressing their breasts together as the two women writhed in pleasure. In between gasps and howls, the two women tried to steal kisses from each other. Asha reached out and embraced Motoko from behind, fondling her breasts as she ground her body against the pale-skinned woman’s. Asha also nipped at the back of Motoko’s neck and her ears.

Motoko felt as if she were becoming one with the other women; their pleasure was her pleasure, and hers was theirs in turn. Free-flowing pussy juices squelched between the lovers, mixing as all three of them grew wet from pleasure. The exertion of sex, the steamy jungle heat, and the mingling body warmth made them all sweat, and the three contrasting bodies soon all shined with a mix of sweat and love juices, a mix of tan, pale, and dark skin.

The three women screamed and came. As their cries died down, they collapsed upon each other, the vibrator still running.

It was only the beginning of that long weekend.


Her internal chronometer knew exactly how much time had transpired since she had initiated the Dive, but the organic part of her brain could not comprehend it. The irrational mind, the remnant of humanity in her cyberbrain, was completely fixated on the dark-skinned goddess who had just brought her to climax yet again. As the hours had stretched by on the yacht, even Lt. Col. Kurtz had begun to fade from Motoko’s consciousness, and the brash tomboy did not seem to mind: she too seemed consumed by Asha’s alluring aura.

Asha removed her face from Motoko’s soaking crotch, with a look in her eyes that hit a new note of eroticism which restored the fire of the Major’s sex drive from the afterglow.

“Motoko,” Kurtz interjected. Motoko turned her head to the side. By her chronometer, it was the first time that Kurtz had spoken in 10 hours (beyond nonverbal expressions, at least). “You really like Asha, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Motoko breathed, turning back to stare into the AI’s eyes.

“Do you want to be with her forever? Outside the Dives?”

“Yes…” Motoko repeated. The past few days had been an endless march of passion and ecstasy, all thanks to the dark-skinned avatar. Why wouldn’t she want this to last forever?

“Good. Just relax for a moment, and it will be done.”

Motoko sighed contentedly as Asha began to crawl up her body, kissing and groping as she moved up. When the two women were symmetrical, the dark skinned woman began kissing Motoko passionately, with a hunger fiercer than anything Motoko had yet experienced. As the kissing continued, Motoko suddenly felt a strange feeling. Asha was moving against her skin, but suddenly the warmth of the other woman began to flow into Motoko’s body.

Asha took Motoko’s hands in hers as they continued kissing, and the strange feeling of warmth began to spread. Motoko tried to flex her fingers, and found that she could not. Languidly, she opened her eyes and looked at her hands. They were fused with Asha’s, the dark and pale skin mixing together as they seemed to be melting together like a pair of adjacent burning candles. This did not particularly disturb Motoko, not anymore anyway.

“Just relax,” Kurtz repeated as the feeling of warmth continued to creep into Motoko’s body. “Soon she’ll be with you forever.”

The two women’s tongues met, and Motoko could not withdraw it. Their avatars were fusing physically, and soon they would be one. So, so soon…

Virus Detected.

Major Motoko Kusanagi suddenly found herself in her cyberbrain’s main UI. Her antivirus programs had caught something!



“And the rest is still classified,” Motoko said. “It was one hell of a story.”

Kurutan and Ran glared at their partner, who now lay on the other side of the bed as she told her story. “You’re horrible, Motoko!” Ran chided.

“Yeah, you told us it was declassified.” Kurutan said.

“Just how Asha… er… the program worked,” Motoko replied. “She,” Kurutan and Ran grinned at each other, “damnit!” Motoko cursed, “it was structured like a worm. It would “fuse” with the avatar of a soldier during a Dive, and by fusing with the avatar, it would inject itself into the person’s Memory unseen. Malignant data couldn’t enter directly from a Dive or from the Net, and it couldn’t create corrupt “memories” either. All of that could be picked up by virus scans, even back then. But the avatar was a virtual manifestation of the user, and so the avatar data was assumed to be safe, since the Dive itself wasn’t supposed to be able to alter the files for the avatar. This Worm could. It would upload a copy of the AI, of Asha, into an army woman, and then the infected woman would introduce Asha to another, and another.”

“Why?” Ran asked.

“Still classified. The guy behind it had one hell of a plan, though. It was tough stopping him.”

“Him?” Kurutan interjected.

“Of course him,” Motoko said. “That should be obvious enough that it doesn’t count as a leak. Who else but a guy would come up with a super-hot lesbian Dive character who was designed to seduce other women by being really, really good in bed? It’s like a bad porno.”

“Bad?” Kurutan said. “I think it sounded pretty hot.”

“But how did you stop it when nobody else did?” Ran asked. “You didn’t explain that.”

“While I was seeing Asha and Kurtz, I said I was getting really paranoid. One of the unnecessary protections I put down was a routine that would watch the avatar file for alterations. When Asha tried to fuse with me, it tripped the alarm, but again-“

“Classified, classified, we know” Kurutan said dismissively.

“One last question,” Ran added. “What does this story have to do with you deciding to join our profession?”

“It was fun…” Motoko said after a pause. “I really enjoyed all of that VR sex. And Kurtz was right, I needed something to do other than being a soldier, so I started to join some communities, and you know the rest.”

“So are we better in bed than Asha?” Kurutan asked pointedly.

“Not even close,” Motoko replied.

“You’re so mean, Motoko!” Kurutan pouted.

“Good thing you’re a really good lay,” Ran said with a smile. “Or we wouldn’t put up with you.” She leaned forward and kissed her partner passionately.

It really was a fun side-job.

Next to last of my works on this site, delivered in time for Thanksgiving as promise. Don't quite remember who came up with this one

The original idea was to do a sequel to Ghost Reprogramming, though since this year is the year of Ghost In The Shell: Arise I wanted to do a story based on that. This is what I *was* doing, one that fit into the plot of Arise much like how Reprogramming fit in the plot of Stand Alone Complex. However, I got lazy doing the sex scenes and decided to adapt them from a GitS doujinshi i translated two years ago (don't look it up, they were my first translation jobs and i was still doing Comic Sans, having yet to discover Wild Words. It's an Old Shame). The sex scenes in question were threesomes, however, so aside from Lt. Col. Kurtz (Motoko's C.O. in the Arise OVA), whom i intended for this story from the beginning, I had to come up with an OC. First the idea was that the OC would be used as the medium of mind control, so she should be exotic and bewitching, so then the idea came up that the OC should be the source of the problem to begin with. This then led me to revise the plot significantly to something a bit more lighthearted in subject.

the mc in this one is very subtle, entirely about Motoko's obsession with Asha, up until Asha attempts to infect her.

Lt. Col. Kurtz seemed too obvious of a name choice for the Arise writers, but w/e.

As a final note, Kurutan and Ran are detailed here:… They're Motoko's roommates and the ones she works with on her side-job, selling recordings of their VR sexcapades.
yahtzeefan Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Shit, reading this makes your leave more bittersweet. The MC was much different than I expected and in a good way. I was surprised to see this in my inbox; I was expecting this to come out either tomorrow or the day after. Still, this was a fine read and I look forward to seeing your final work.
yahtzeefan Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Also, it seems you forgot to add the download function here.
BioYuGi Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aw, this struck me as kind of sweet somehow, maybe because it seemed sincere. But it was also sad because it reminded me you're going to be leaving.
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