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                                                     Samus' Weakness

        The explosion tore through the clearing quite forcibly, heaving smoke, dust, and leaves into the air. Most of the combatants were thrown into confusion by the noise and debris, but not one. She was able to see everything through the chaos. Three down, two to go. Unfortunately, the only ones that had been cleared out were the militia, the grunts. The dangerous ones, the grenadiers, still walked. She was certain they were damaged, but she had to clear enemy presence from this area completely. They were running fast, but there was little that could escape her vigilance. Seeking an optimum vantage point, Samus Aran, heroine and bounty hunter renowned across the galaxy, leapt up the cliff behind her.
        From her lofty perch, she observed the sweep of the entire region. What she saw was jungle, almost as far as her eyes could reach. At the very edge of the horizon, the green abruptly changed to a rather harsh purple. She was on an island, but not in an ocean. Most of the planet was uninhabitable; a toxic wasteland, but terraforming crews from the Galactic Federation had managed to create a variety of vibrant ecosystems, havens for strange species of flora and fauna from across the galaxy, islands amid the toxic wastes. It was for some of that rare flora that the Space Pirates had come, seeking a rare plant species that, in the right environments, could be made into a powerful parasitic weapon. The Federation had contracted her to stop them.
        With her thermal visor equipped, she was able to spot one of the Pirate Grenadiers from this distance. It should have been hard, surrounded by a steamy jungle teeming with animal life, but the Pirate's grenade launcher used a fusion engine whose thermal signature was a standout even here. A space jump into the air sent her hurtling towards a tree just ahead of her target's path. She landed neatly on a large branch, catching the pirate by surprise. She resolved to use her Ice Beam, to minimize collateral damage to the delicate biosphere. Switching to the Ice Beam cost a precious split second, however, and the Pirate fired its grenade launcher. It was an easy thing for her to dodge, the fiery round sped past her, and two neat shots put the Grenadier down, one to freeze it solid, the other to shatter it.
        The Pirate's shot missing her was, if anything, more damaging than if it had hit her. She had energy and to spare, but the RPG launching past her hit another large tree about midway up. After confirming her kill, she turned around to see. The shock wave from the grenade knocked loose a branch further up: a branch containing a Dachora nest. The mother Dachora squawked in dismay as she and her chicks fell to the ground. It was a horrible sight. The mother groaned weakly, both wings badly damaged, while the chicks, who fortunately been cushioned by the nest, screamed for her aid.
        "No..." she breathed. She had a special connection with the Dachoras, the creatures who had aided her on Zebes. Truth be told, however, she had a weakness for animals of all kinds. The innocent creatures of nature, caught up in their mindless conflicts. It was enough to rend even her battle-hardened heart. She leapt to the ground, then observed the scene carefully. The other Grenadier wasn't around. It had run in a different direction. Scum. Deeming it safe enough, she deactivated her Varia suit to minister to the fallen Dachoras. Revealed under the suit, Samus proved to be a breathtaking young woman: athletic and svelte, with long blonde hair done up in a pony-tail. Her trim, curvaceous figure was fully visible under her skin-fitting blue biosuit.
        The mother dachora growled weakly at her as she approached. "It's okay," she said softly, taking its long neck in her arms. She reached out and touched its wings, prompting it to scream. She gasped, tears springing to her eyes. She turned her attention to the chicks, grabbing them and hugging them to her generous chest. It seemed to calm them somewhat, surprisingly. "It'll all be okay soon," she said comfortingly. She didn't have time to deal with this, as much as she wanted to. She reactivated her suit and sent a message to the Federation ship waiting in orbit, calling for a zoological team to retrieve the Dachoras. She stood up again, her resolve hardening. She was going to find that other Grenadier and put a stop to it. In a flash, the armor was back, and she vaulted off.
        Her display of empathy had not gone unobserved. One of the strangest creatures dwelling in that particular ecosystem was actually one whose ancestors had been brought from Earth. He was Kaa, a boa constrictor of monstrous length, possessing the marvelous ability of speech, and the even more marvelous ability of hypnosis. With these abilities he had conquered this ecosystem, and was now eager for a fresh challenge. He had already sampled one of the Space Pirate searchers and found it too disgusting to stomach. But this, this was a spectacular find. Such a gorgeous human female would have been an impossibly lucky find on Earth, according to his forebears, but he had never encountered their kind on this colony world. That suit of armor would definitely be a hassle, but he had already observed how to deal with that. All he would need to do was get in position in time, and with his tremendous speed, that would not be a problem. "I won't let something so deliciousss get away," he hissed with desire.
        So the pursuit resumed, just that now there was another chasing down the Space Pirate Grenadier who, through his keen sense of smell, he was able to get a fix on before Samus, relying on her thermal visor, could. Kaa slithered from tree to tree at a frightening speed for a creature of his size. He caught up to the hapless Grenadier soon: it too was taking refuge in a tree, trying to hide itself in a particularly leafy bough. Perfect. Unbeknownst to the Grenadier, the boa slithered up to a position just above it in the tree. Equally unknown to the Grenadier was Samus, who had finally caught the thermal signature of its grenade launcher and was speeding towards it.
        Samus assessed the tree carefully as she dashed towards it, now wanting to be even more careful about collateral damage, trying to avoid another tragedy liked the downed Dachoras, now a few miles off. With the Grenadier in a tree like that, her best bet was her missiles again. The Ice Beam might do damage to the tree, and her other alternatives were even worse. Besides, there were no other animals in the tree (her thermal visor being unable to pick up a certain cold-blooded creature), so a little shock wave from her missile wouldn't do too much harm. She got the drop on this Grenadier just like its comrade, but this time she fired well before the Grenadier could react. The missile was perfectly on target, the tree shaking a little with the impact, and the Grenadier was gone, disintegrated.
        It was Kaa's opportunity, and he played his hand perfectly. After feeling the shock wave roll through the tree, he flopped out of it, heaving the bulk of his body out first so it would cushion his head as he landed, but he immediately flipped over and laid the side of his head on the ground, closing his eyes.
        It was a clean kill for Samus, and she was preparing to leave when she saw the snake drop from the tree. "What have I done?" she gasped, putting a hand to her visor in dismay. Not forgetting her situation, she carefully scanned all around her. There was nothing. That should have been the last of the raiding party, though there was one unaccounted for, but it was nowhere near if it was still alive. The suit came off again, and she rushed over to the where the snake's head lay prone.
        "Are you okay?" she asked, not expecting an answer. She cradled the snake's head in her arms. It was time for the show. Kaa opened his eyes narrowly and took shallow, raspy breaths, appearing to be badly wounded.
        "I'll... be... okay..." he wheezed.
        Samus gasped again. She hadn't expected to find a talking snake of all things.
        "Surprisssed?" Kaa wheezed, then coughed weakly.
        "Please, don't exert yourself," Samus said. She was wracked with guilt. She shared the blame on the other one, the Dachoras, but this snake was injured, possibly dying, and it was all her fault.
        Kaa saw the guilt mirrored in her eyes. Perfect. "No, really... I'll... be... okay..." he wheezed again. He made a great show of trying to move, then collapsed to the ground again.
        "No, please. It's all my fault." Samus knelt over Kaa, on the verge of tears.
        Kaa resolved to push things ahead a little. "Could you... please...?"
        "Anything!" she sobbed, her guilt and empathy overwhelming her.
        "Help me... back into... my tree," he wheezed.
        "How?" she asked. The snake was quite long, after all, it would be hard for her to grab all of him and carry him around, at least not without dragging him, which would be unconscionable.
        "Let me coil... myssself around you... then climb the tree," he said, making his breathing even shallower.
        She would have thought it an odd request. She should have become suspicious, battle-hardened warrior of the stars, but this was an injured animal, the picture of innocence. She stepped carefully into his limp, tangled mass of coils. She picked up a heavy middle coil and twisted it around her legs a little, "Is this okay?"
        "Yesss...Kaa hissed, "you are a merciful angel. My name is Kaa, what isss your name, my angel?"
        Samus blushed, too guilt-ridden to accept the strange snake's praise. "I'm Samus Aran. I'm no angel."
        "Nonsenssse," Kaa hissed, as he drew up the coils that she had draped around her legs, latching onto her firmly.
        "This is my fault, Kaa," she sobbed, "you're hurt."
        Kaa was ready to move in. "Ssssamuss," he lisped heavily. "Look... at me. I'll... make you feel better."
        Samus drew her head up, tears still welling in the corners of her eyes, and she was caught. Heroine of the galaxy, conqueror of Space Pirates, she had fallen into the crafty snake's trap. Before she could even notice that the snake suddenly seemed well enough to lift his head off the ground, she noticed the compelling, colorful swirls that filled the serpent's eyes.
        "You shouldn't feel so guilty, Samusss," he hissed. "You are an angel. My beautiful angel."
        Samus did feel better already. Something about these eyes was so comforting, so soothing. She liked what Kaa was telling her, too. "Yes," she said softly, "I'm an angel." Her eyes began to reflect the mind-numbing rings. Kaa drew his head back and she leaned forward in response, so that she could continue getting a full view of his eyes. A small smile grew on her face.
        "You shouldn't worry. You should be content," Kaa hummed melodically.
        Samus liked that too. Her guilt was melting away, being replaced with a numb happiness. "Content," she sighed.
        Kaa reached the tip of his tail up and used it to gently stroke her breasts. "Lose yourself, Samusss. Float away on the pleasure."
        Samus blushed, definitely feeling the gentle stimulation of her chest. She sighed heavily. Kaa smiled evilly, things were progressing nicely. The lovely Samus was steadily falling under his control, her mind would soon become his. He was going to continue her enslavement, but not by coiling her up as he would a common meal. Samus was special, and he was going to take time to enjoy her. He drew his face in closer to hers.
        "Are you still sssad?" he asked.
        "No, Kaa," she replied.
        "Good. Just let me take you away. No need to worry, no need to think, just trusst in me." He then began to wrap around her, but loosely. He started by draping the end of his tail around her neck, then ran it down around her body, one coil across her chest, one coil around her waist, then pushed the very tip of his tail out between her legs. He cinched those few coils around her tightly, enjoying the feel of her curves in his coils. It was pleasurable for her, too: his coils were cinched around the most sensitive parts of her body. He began to massage her. The massage was good, Samus moaned in pleasure, but this was where Kaa made his mistake. The surge of pleasure was too great for Samus' weakly entranced state, and her strong mind began to fight back.
        "Kaa?" she groaned. "What... are you doing to me?"
        Kaa's heart skipped a beat, but he quickly calmed down. She had spoken freely, but her eyes were still filled with his swirls, she was still smiling, but on some level she was fighting back. He had to calm her suspicions. "I was only trying to help you," he said with an injured air. "Maybe I should jussst leave..." he said, drilling his spirals into her mind all the while.
        "No... please stay," she replied, her smile softening a bit. She was forgetting why she had gotten suspicious of this in the first place. It was so relaxing, so nice, why had she wanted to send him away?
        "And why should I do that?" Kaa asked, leading her on to the answer he wanted to hear.
"It feels... good," Samus said slowly, her thoughts melting away into a haze of pleasure. "Please stay," she repeated.
        "Perhapsss," Kaa hissed, pleased with her answer. "But are you willing to sssubmit to me? No more worries, no more doubts, no more pessky thoughts. Just float away on my coilsss, sleep, and sssubmit."
        "Yes. I want to float away, be free," Samus said, her smile spreading at the thought of it. Floating away forever, no more worries. A dream life.
        "Then let me take you away," he said.
        "Yes... please," she said, wanting nothing more than that. He retracted the coils he had around her body, causing her to moan with pleasure again as they rubbed across her sensitive areas. He then sent most of his body up the tree, his eyes remaining fixed on Samus. Once he was established in a branch above, he sent the end of his tail down to wrap around Samus' hips a few times, then drew her up, bringing his head up with her. She grabbed his tail lovingly as she ascended. He seated her on the branch. She was quite far gone now, smiling blissfully as she continued to reflect his hypnotic eyes.
        "Now, are you ready to float away forever, Samusss?" he asked, already knowing her answer.
        "Yesss, Kaa," she replied, her voice patterns beginning to mimic his own. Kaa grinned, then placed a larger middle coil behind her neck and doubled it around, supporting her under both of her armpits and buttocks, forming somewhat of a hammock. He let her body slide down his scales and suspended her under the branch in his makeshift hammock and began gently rocking her back and forth.
        "Yesss, float away. Ssslip into silent blisss," he hissed, bobbing his head to continue burying her mind in the colorful haze.
        "Mmm.." Samus sighed. Her arms and legs hung limp around Kaa's cradling coils as she swung back and forth. Taking advantage of her helplessness, Kaa lowered the end of his tail down and wrapped it firmly around her midsection: her waist and chest. He squeezed here and there, feeling the voluptuous contours of her body. This lighter massage helped Kaa's cause rather than hindered it, helping to further melt her resistance rather than properly rouse her.
        Samus' mind was teetering on the verge of collapse. She saw nothing but the spirals, felt nothing but the gentle stimulation of her midsection and a soothing feeling of weightlessness as she simply floated on Kaa's coils. There was another feeling coming over her too, a feeling that she would have thought strange if she had had any thoughts left in her head. "Kaa, I..." she was having a hard time stringing words together at this point.
        "Yesss, Samus dear?" he hissed, well aware of what she was about to say.
        "I... love you," she finally said. With that, her mind collapsed completely. The spirals accelerated in her eyes, and the simple grin on her face spread wider.
       "Mmm, I thought sso," Kaa replied. He used his tail to place her back on the branch. It was time to end this, to claim her as his own. "Now, Samuss, it is time to ssleep," he said.
        "Yes, massster," she said happily. "I do feel sssleepy." Kaa then began wrapping her up. As his coils approached her neck, her eyes drooped, feeling only the sleepiness that her master wanted her to feel. His coils reached her neck, as he enjoyed the feeling of having her whole body wrapped up. He constricted his coils tightly, enjoying her helplessness. Samus gulped as her eyes fluttered open, then finally shut.


        Suddenly Kaa felt a strong electrical shock come from Samus, very unfortunate since he had her whole body coiled. He went limp and fell from the tree for real this time. Samus had not deactivated her suit entirely, but merely put it in standby mode. Her battle armor, linked in to her mind for reactivation at the speed of thought, had detected her mind shutting down and had reactivated itself automatically. The suit reappeared, but she remained asleep, and fell out of the tree. Hopefully Kaa would wake up before she did, so that he would not have to face the full strength of the bounty hunter Samus Aran.

This one was, i suppose you could call it a request, from knowledgeseeker01 [link] a fellow Metroid fan. I'm rather proud of this one, since it was a more difficult scenario to set up while remaining at least halfway true to the characters, Samus is all about power, physically and mentally, and she wouldn't be vulnerable to Kaa's tricks under normal circumstances. Her sentimentality for animals can sort of be derived from her feelings toward the Etecoons and Dachoras in Metroid Fusion, as well as her apparent concern for the Baby in the upcoming Other M.

I am quite displeased at Other M's delay, btw.
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DRAGONLORD212 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
that ending is why you dont mess with someone with any form of power armor
spltra84 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Very nice!
i liked how you incorporated the canon of who Samus is into the story. as well, ending it differently than just "she's fully hypnotzed now", makes for better story-telling and (to me) is the sign of a good writer

*insert witty signature
ilike2talkbackwards Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Truly outstanding work right here.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
lol at the end.
IPortier11 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
you jackass! why would you write something like that?
Ogodei-Khan Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
I figured it would exist comfortably in the realm of fetish-parody, until Other M came along and made the idea of "weak Samus" into something less than a joking matter.

I've since attempted to atone, in the form of an abandoned fic called "Woman of Three Legacies."
AliciaTheButler Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
My isnt she a bit testy?
IlikeVGcats Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
Would've liked it if you made another where Kaa has his way with Samus. He is probably the result of a human, snake hybrid experiment that resulted in hypnosis, ability to talk, and sexual attraction to human females. Also make it that instead of eating her he makes Samus a sex slave.
IPortier11 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
kaaslave Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
Great story! But aww, Kaa can't catch a break! :p
AndyWanderlust Featured By Owner May 25, 2010  Professional Photographer
axg1982 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2010
Great story!
Mermaid-Yuki Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
This really great. I loved reading it.
udamankyle Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010
This Is fantastic! Great job!
At least Galaxy 2 is coming out the same time. XD
Knowledgeseeker01 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010
I appreciate this. You did a good job.

I also find it a shame that Other M has been delayed. It really sucks. Unfortunately, they most likely delayed it either for marketing or balancing issues.
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